by Dean Carson

How Bungee Cords are Made

Standard USA Made Bungee Cords consist of natural latex stranded rubber inner core & cloth Jacket that is made of a few different types of material and different types of weave or braids to best suit the use of the bungee cord. The differences in the braided materials are, Polypropylene is the Least Expensive Material (Standard Material), Nylon Exterior Material (Mid Grade Material) & Polyester is the Strongest Material (Heavy Duty Material). The differences in the braided jacket : Smooth Braid 120% Max. Stretch (Standard), Ribbed/Rope Braid 90% Max. Stretch (Standard), Diamond Braid 100% Max. Stretch (Specialized), X Braid 100% Max. Stretch (Specialized). After you decide the best material for the job, the next step is to do “The Build”.

What Materials are in Bungee Cords


Basic Bungee Cord Structure

The Basic structure of a Bungee Cord consist of rubber inner core, sometimes has a cloth material jacket also known as a weave or braid. The braided material originally is produced white and a dye is added to make the many different colors available. The rubber core can be made with a few types of materials & even scrap rubber materials to reduce cost in other countries. The best material is a natural material called latex. In its natural form it is a sticky, milky colloid drawn off by making incisions in the bark and collecting the fluid in vessels in a process called “tapping”. The latex is mixed with other materials like polymers of the organic compound isoprene to create rubbers.

The Pros & Cons of Bungee Cords



Quickly Secure Items
Many Uses
Easily Accessible


Wear Out
Come Loose
Short Life Span

Q & A


Question : How Far Does a Bungee Cord Stretch?

Answer :
Most Bungee Cords Have a Maximum Stretch 90% to 120%,
Not Recommended to Exceed 50% of Relaxed Length.

Reason: Bungee Cord is a Flexible Material that Changes Strength During Its Life Span. Rubber has a Memory that it tries to Return to After Being Stretched, but Over Time and if it is Over Extended (Not More Than 50% of Relaxed Length) the Bungee Cord Loses Memory.

Question : How Long will a Bungee Cord Last?

Answer :
Bungee Cords Can Last for Years, But the Sun is a Bungee Cords Biggest Enemy.

Reason: Bungee Cord has UV Protection, But the Sun Still Burns Threw It. First you will see Discoloration, After that the Cord will start to Look & Feel Rough to the Touch. Then that happens the Braiding will Tear/Shred & the Bungee Cord will Fail, so we Recommend Before the Braiding Looks Rough, Replacing the Bungee Cord.

Question : What is a Bungee Cords Load Limit?

Answer :
Only Certified Bungee Cords have a Load Limit, We do not Stock Load Limit Certified Bungee Cords.

Reason: Bungee Cords with a Load Limit Certification Cost a Lot More than Standard Bungee Cords. We don’t Stock Certified Bungee Cords, but we will Supply Certified Bungee Cords to Any Customer that Wants Over 2500′.

Question : How Much Does Bungee Cord Cost to Ship?

Answer :
We offer Live Shipping Methods on Our Website, Shipping Cost Can Change Without Notice.

Reason: Live Shipping Methods Work by Contacting the Carrier & Tell us what the cost is for the size and weight of the items. The problem with Live Shipping Method is that we have more options available to us than live shipping methods. Like “USPS Fits it Ship” Boxes or Fitting All Items in One Box. If you are concerned about the Shipping Cost Please Call 541-772-3548

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